The single most important art event in history!

Never before in 1 room will you get to:

  • All ticket holders will be able to see ALL the artwork at the show
  • Never before has any one art show provided the presence of the artists along with their works in so many genres!
  • See and purchase master quality art from living masters.
  • Over 18 hours of viewing at just 20 seconds per masterpiece
  • Meet the masters and collect their works.
  • Separate exhibitions by H.R. Giger(Paintings and Sculptures), Ira Goldstein(Photography), Chinese Masters and DaVinci Sculptures
  • Live demos from: Jota Leal, Nelson Shanks, Daniel Greene Ryan Brown, Casey Childs, James Van Fossan, Max Ginsburg and Dajaing Wu

Please note: Must have VIP tickets to meet H.R. Giger, Nelson Shanks & Daniel Greene during the show- VIP Tickets->

H.R. Giger

Nelson Shanks

Cesar Santos

Daniel Greene

Max Ginsburg

Steve Hanks

Vladimir Kush

Jota Leal

Lauri Blank

Leon Oks

Morpheus Fine Art

Tony Pro


Andy Russell

Alexey Steele

Kathryn Hart

Sally Maxwell

Matthew Grabelsky

Geoffrey Gersten

Casey Childs

Vincent Golshani

Sarah Ali

Joshua Langstaff

Leslie Adams

Ryan Brown

Bill Buchman

Betty R Gates

Adam Miller


Esther Glina Montagner

Shari Beaubien

Richard A. Stergulz

John and Elli Milan

George Gallo

Marcelo Daldoce

Chris Pavlov

Daria Bagrintseva

Dragan Sekaric Shex

Diana Lee

Neal Adams

Don Collier

Julia Watkins

DK Richardson

De Es Schwaertberger

Micah Mullen

Nihal Kececi

Mario Parga

Hsin-Yao Tseng

George Kiapos

Kay Griffith

Lucas James Xavier Kolasa

James Van Fossan

Ira Goldstein

Wolfgang Widmoser

Catalina Ochoa

Shahla Rosa

Xavier Carbonell

Roberto Brito

Basha Maryanska

Christopher Weed

Lara Campiglia

Denis Ribas

David Allen Dunlop

Chuck Larivey

Li Haiyan

Zeng Sheng

Yan Daizhi

Ren Juming

Ye Jiabei

Liu Zhendong

Zhang Shisen

Wong Er Chai

Wang Jinhua

Li Bo'An

Mario Robinson

Ben Joyce

William Davis

Heather Goldstein

Debbie Marie Arambula

Leonardi da Vinci Horse and Rider Sculptures

Jody Cramer

Francis Mesaros

Leona Shanks

Joseph Mcgurl

Elginia McCrary

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Disclaimer: Artists and details subject to change without notice