Professional Artist Chris Pavlov

Krste Pavlov- also known as Chris Pavlov, was born in Radovis, Macedonia in 1981. Growing up with a pediatrician and a neuropsychiatrist for parents, Pavlov was heavily influenced by the precision of science and puzzled by the complexity of the human psyche. At the age of eighteen, Pavlov moved to Salzburg, Austria where he studied the German language and began his career as a self-taught artist. During his stay in Austria, he was involved with several art galleries, including his own gallery, Am Gewölbe.

After getting married in 2003, Pavlov moved to the United States where he received a degree in psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. In 2007, he opened the Pavlov Art Gallery where he features his own artwork and occasionally displays other artists' works. Currently, Pavlov is continuing with research in vision perception and continually developing new artistic techniques that translate the archetypes of the unconscious mind to a language understandable to the conscious mind.

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