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Christopher Weed: American Sculptor Christopher Weed (born 1963) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The son of a carpenter, as a child he found himself immersed in his father's studio for hours on end creating both functional and nonfunctional objects. Weed's artistic success is due in part from his sense of space and surroundings, overwhelming the viewer through scale, variation and multiplicity of elements. With this approach, Weed forces the viewer to reassess their daily lives and values.

Christopher Weed is among the most recognized sculptors in Colorado and is rapidly achieving national renown. Weed's large-scale work can be found in myriad of public and private art collections both in the United States and abroad. He currently resides and works in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Weed received his BA from University of Maryland in 1990 with two years studying in Munich. Over his career he earned a reputation as one of the region's most influential sculptors, simultaneously creating monumental works and exhibiting nationally. He's completed over 20 public art installations since 1999, to include University settings, to bridges over protected wetlands connecting to light rail stations. Recent exhibitions include the DeVos Center Place, Grand Rapids Public Museum and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center for the award winning exhibit Conflict / Resolution, where he was commissioned to create 14 sculptures titled Spores.

As with the best of Weed's art, Spores simultaneously suggests something playful but threatening, natural yet out-scaled, at once organic and industrial. Accordingly, the forms at once appear as seed spores, tumbleweeds, thistles, and nautical mines.

His art is included in the collections of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Colorado State University, Colorado University and numerous other Public institutions, along with corporate and private collections.

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