Professional Artist Leon Oks

I paint for the satisfaction of the created work. If the range of emotions and thoughts that I have experienced in the process of painting are visible on my canvas, only then do I call it finished. It is at this point, knowing I have met my standards; that I’m confident the viewer will respond in a similar way.

Leon’s Women
As a disciplined, academically based painter, Leon Oks is able to smoothly weave that basic underlying foundation into a tapestry of his own unique fanciful inspiration. As one very important catalyst for his interior vision, he uses the female form. He paints her with fluid brushstrokes, luminous sparkling color and dynamic movement, multiple perspectives with flowing lyrical lines and resplendent sensuous beauty. His women are vessels of creative power and span the range of human emotions. She is NATURE, MOTHER, JOY, SORROW, and STRUGGLE. He abstracts the essence of his subject and makes it his own.

Leon’s Memories
In his bittersweet nostalgia of his years in the Ukraine, under suffocating Soviet bureaucracy, Leon Oks is able to retrieve the sweetness and ignore the bitterness. With a palette of soft ambers, burgundies and golds, he evokes idyllic, rounded, shaky, charming villages, soft flowing landscapes, and swaying birch trees, alive in their ever changing wooded golden greens. The mood is warm, soft and seductive, as we recognize the depth and emotional power of Leon’s work.

Mr. Oks has exhibited widely across the United States and many international exhibitions in Europe, and is a frequent contributor to Art Expos around the world. He has received many first place awards in juried art shows both nationally and worldwide. His paintings can be found in numerous private collections, corporations, as well as museums.