Professional Artist Li Bo'An

An Introduction to Li Bo'an
Li Bo'an (1944.7-1998.5) is from Luoyang, Henan province. He was a deputy senior editor of Henan Fine Art Publishing House, member of the Artists Association of China. Ranging from the 1970s to the 1988, Li Bo'an had dedicated to painting the Taihang Mountain villagers. His masterpiece The Sunrise was awarded the bronze medal in the national fine art exhibition. It was also tour-exhibited in Japan. Subsequently, it was chosen to the "French Autumn Salon Exhibition" held in a France palace. After that, he has shifted his focus to the Yellow River. With ten years of strenuous effort, he had nearly completed the ink and wash figure painting scroll, Walking out of Mount Bayan Har (1.88 X124 meters), which depicted the life of the people living under the foot of Bayan Har Mountain and presented the features and spirit of the Yellow River civilization. The painter, at last, dropped with extreme fatigue and satisfaction as well.

"Walking Out of Bayan Har" is not an ordinary ink and wash figure painting scroll. As a rare artistic work created with unusual hardships and difficulties, it cost the last ten years (1989-1998) of life of the Chinese painter Li Bo'an, who had fused his flesh and soul with the 266 people in the 1.88 meters tall and 124 meters long, huge painting. Since it extols the brave and enthusiastic spirit in face of severe natural environment, it is also a paean to perennial lives. The painting has cost ten years of life, and not yet unfinished. Li Bo'an had exhausted himself and finally dropped before the unfinished painting…

Bayan Har in Tibetan language means richness and green color. Bayan Har mountain is in the south-central part of Qinghai province; it is the cradle of the two mother rivers of the Chinese nation and an international river of Lantsangjiang. Since Li Bo'an lived in the Yellow River basin, the painting scroll was meant to begin from the origin of the Yellow River, and all the way to its mouth.Because the Yellow River flows out of Bayan Har mountain, marking the birth of the great Chinese civilization and that it will flow to the ocean and flow into the world,for this reason, the long scroll was named "Walking Out of Bayan Har". However, due to Li Bo'an's unfortunate early death, he had only finished the riverhead part of the scroll which depicts the Tibetan people.Thus, the spirit of the Yellow River had transformed into the Tibetan people's images. Li Bo'an presents Tibetan people's characters and temperament in a natural way, thus, the painting scroll has also acquired a significance of symbolizing the Chinese spirit and civilization.

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