Professional Artist Lucas James Xavier Kolasa

James Xavier Kolasa: With a passion for developing new techniques, Lucas J.X. Kolasa works in a wide range of mediums which include but are not limited to painting, sculpture and digitally rendered three dimensional imagery. Lucas is very aware of his carbon footprint and attempts to make a very small one with the creation of his artwork, including creating intricate figure sculptures and busts using recycled materials. Lucas is currently developing new pointillism techniques using paint filled syringes, creating detailed and intricate portraits. His new series of work includes works in acrylic, oil, watercolor, and gauche. Lucas has a great deal of compassion for the planet and people who are less fortunate, and he takes inspiration from the experiences he has personally had during his years of charity and volunteer work. Lucas has demonstrated through his work that the world is a violent, beautiful and always unpredictable place to live.

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