Professional Artist Pomm

World Famous Watercolor Artist and Oil Painter
Pomm was born in Los Angeles but was raised by her French mother and grandmother and had a truly bi-cultural upbringing. Her mother, who was born in Paris, read a novel by French authoress Colette in which one of the characters was a little girl named Pomme. She loved the name, which means "apple", and took the "e" off to ensure correct pronunciation.

While at college, Pomm moved to France and studied art in Aix-en-Provence. In Europe, Pomm fell in love with the Old World architecture, particularly in the southern regions of France where the sun and flowers inspired her to return again and again.

When she returned to America, Pomm made a firm decision to be an artist and attended watercolor classes with Scott Moore in Laguna Beach. She found that she loved the medium. Pomm created and perfected a unique style using only translucent watercolors applied in many layers that allowed her to paint the strong colors, light, and shadows that create the feel of Europe in her paintings. Within each work is Pomm's artist "hidden apple", the artist's signature of authenticity and assurance of her high standards and exceptional quality of art.

From late 2003 to present time , Pomm has created a series of oils, to explore the spirit and motion of other artists in the creation of their art.

In recent years, Pomm took the opportunity to travel the world with her husband (a pilot). "In each country we visited, I wanted to experience as much of the native culture as I could. Seeking out the artists from these different cultures, it was wonderful to experience how they expressed their lives through art."

Pomm's oils capture the energy life's creative moments. Her work depicts people creating art -- whether a formal art form, such as music, or creating art by living --life as an art form.

"The shape and form of the dancers, the motion and passion of the musicians, the quiet intensity of the sculptors as they chiseled elephants out of wood , even the warm friendly conversation between companions inspired me to want to capture that energy. The energy mirrored on their faces andthe energy in their form, at the moments of their creativity, is what I found most captivating. In particular was the sense ofmotion. Seeing other creating inspired me further."

In recent years, Pomm has turned part of her artist time and painting to helping others. After the Sept 11, 2001 tragedy, Pomm created "Unspoken Courage", a painting which celebrates the unselfish heroism of all those who helped.

Most recently, Pomm became part of Artists for Human Rights International, a group formed with the purpose of bringing artists together with the common cause of raised awareness and education of human rights. As the Director of the Visual Artists for Human Rights,Pomm helped to organize three exhibits in New York and LosAngeles, while building membership and support for the group.

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