Check out Target Audience Magazine’s interview with COO of Jerry’s Artarama, David Goldstein, as he discusses the World of Art Showcase  (Page 15)

Instead of asking for background for our readers, since most of our readers are independent artists trying to make a successful career out their passion for creating, What is your“elevator pitch” for The World of Art Showcase in Las Vegas?

Art is the mirror of humanity and this show puts forth a massive display of the finest works of contemporary artists. It’s aim is to make stars of fine artists and to connect with the viewer about the power of art.

What makes great art and what makes a great artist? What makes a “professional” artist in your mind?

A great artist is a free thinker. With all the homogenizing of society, with all the rules set upon us and the patterned programming of government and big business, free thinking itself is an art. Great art communicates to either your left or right side of your brain. It is translatable to the viewer and has the ability to transform or renew vision and belief.

What do you see as the biggest problem truly talented artists have with reaching a fan base that can and will pay them for their art?

A comatose society that can’t distinguish reality from illusion. What is needed is a new way of thinking, a New Renaissance to awaken what is innately part of the human genome. The World Of Art Showcase is just a small part of this awakening process. I am sure that given the opportunity to see really good art in mass scale will enlighten. So we need big events like WOAS in fine art to wake up society and notice their hunger to feed their soul.

What advice do you have for an independent artist, one not aided by a publicist or publisher, to brand him or herself?

Be as outrageous as you can no matter what your style and to get people to notice you. To believe in yourself and not look value monetary success as success. Getting people to
hear or view your art is success. Carry business cards and give them out liberally. Film YouTube pieces. Show up at big events that the media attends and do your art. Spread the word that the arts are clearly the only thing that separates us as human beings from the rest of the planet. Spread the word that being an artist is not necessarily paintings, drawing, music, dance, film, prose, poetry and theater but the passion of life itself which can extend to all aspects of one’s life.

Do you think nonartists can appreciate art? Do people need to appreciate art for an artist to be successful?

As previously stated there are no non-artists. Just those that are comatose. How else can you explain the fact that we allowed in New York City 32oz soft drinks to be banned.
To allow ourselves to be scanned at airports so some government worker can see us nude and that we allow spending on billion dollar planes and tanks that are out of date while
people starve or remain homeless.

Aside from the artists included in the World of Art Showcase, who are some of your favorite independent artists, and do you appreciate any musicians or poets because of their connection to fine art?

This would be unfair as I would leave out too many artists. It is infinite. Just go on the Internet and you can find thousands of talented artists. John Lennon was an artist too. I’ll
leave it at that.

What do you think about the idea that some individuals can become so personally attached to their work that they don’t want to sell it cheap if at all; should artists price art according to what it means to them or should they think more in strategic economic terms?

I believe originals should always be priced relevant to the time and quality of the piece. That being said it would be a good idea to do girclee prints hand embellished or not to offer to the public at a good price their images. Originals can be set at any price and the market will buy them or not. Prints can keep you fed. I don’t think any artist should ever give their art away. In fact it is the selling of art too cheaply that reduces it value in the minds of society.

By, Ellen Eldridge, Target Audience Magazine, March 2013

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