Crista Cloutier, Entrepreneurial art expert, will speak at WOAS RALEIGH 2013

The Working Artist LogoWOAS is proud to announce Crista Cloutier, as it’s guest speaker!  Over the days of Friday, Nov. 1 through Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013 at the Raleigh Convention Center, located at 500 S. Salisbury Street, Cloutier (also known as, “The Artist Whisperer”) will deliver three dynamic and inspiring presentations…

To Be a Working Artist: Creating a Career in the Arts: This 45-minute talk will explore the journey of the artist, from finding one’s voice to translating a passion into a career. Cloutier will offer her expertise from years as an art dealer, curator and author, as well as what she has learned from working with various emerging and established artists.

The Art of Crowdfunding: In this hour-long discussion, Cloutier will discuss one of the most popular ways for artists and creatives to raise money for their work. Attendees will learn about recent crowdfunding trends and how to overcome funding obstacles.

The Art of Business: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Artists: This 45-minute talk will explore the relationship between business and creativity, and what insight entrepreneurs can gain from the art world. The audience will hear Cloutier speak on how entrepreneurs can benefit from the examples that artists set as they seek to grow their brands.


Crista Cloutier is a creative entrepreneur who has been in and around the world of art and creativity throughout her career. She has collaborated with some of the most important artists and cultural institutions in the world today, working as a gallerist, a fine art print publisher, a curator, writer, photographer, and award-winning documentary filmmaker. Additionally, she has mentored countless of aspiring artists and photographers through her unique seminar The Working Artist, which she has spent the past three years teaching throughout the world.

Recently, Crista won a crowd-funding campaign to bring The Working Artist online as a downloadable program. She is also producing The Working Artist Interview Series in support of her program, filming interviews with successful artists about their careers. Crista now lives in Europe but travels frequently.

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